Control & Restraint Rooms

Link-A-Lay Mats
Kay-Metzeler™ solutions for Control & Restraint Rooms ...

Kay-Metzeler™ produce specially designed, shock absorbent mats to equip Control & Restraint Rooms used by the NHS, HM Prison Service, Police, training centres etc. Our partners will carry out a survey of the site and bespoke mats will be constructed to allow for corners, wall fittings, windows and doors before being fitted. Mats can be securely bonded to the walls or supplied with hook-and-loop fasteners to allow them to be removed. All Kay-Metzeler™ C&R Mats are flame retardant to Bristish Standard BS1892-3:2003.

Main Features
  • Specially designed shock absorbent mats.
  • Can be fixed to walls with heavy duty hook-and-loop fasteners or permanently bonded.
  • On site survey ensures bespoke mats fit room.
  • Fitted on site by our partners.
  • All Kay-Metzeler™ Control & Restraint Mats are produced to British Standard BS1892-3:2003 for flammability.